An adventure through “the universe of possibilities”

د.ت10 TND


At the start of the workshop, I would like to invite the students to undertake a visual voyage and share with them an adventure through “the universe of possibilities.” This iconographic panel is comprised exclusively of representations of the face, in the form of photos, paintings and sculptures in which I selected each image for its aesthetic qualities and the strength of the representation. This juxtaposition of heteroclite images will trigger a questioning and prospection mechanism.

The objective of this painting workshop is an approach to art and creation through a free artistic practice. Each student will produce a personal project on a free or suggested theme. The latter is a plastic project on the subject of the “portrait” or “self-portrait.” This workshop is a junction of encounters that considers itself open to the other whose concern is sharing and experimentation. It gathers potentials, releases energies and favors singularity.

The idea is to make each student aware of the scope of the field of possibilities and to lead him or her to venture onto fields that are still unknown, through the unusual situations I propose, the references that have enriched them and the tracks that are offered to them and that they can explore.



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