Spirituality and Social Interaction: Two Contemporary Taiwanese Artists

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Cheng Cheng-Huang / Contemporary Art in Taiwan / Social Interaction / Spirituality /Tang Tang-Fa


A metaphorical comparison can be used here to differentiate these artistic approaches of Cheng Cheng-Huang and Tang Tang-Fa. If a circle symbolizes the artwork, CCH focuses on an introspective process to create aesthetic values inside the circle; TTF focuses on an extroverted process to create aesthetic values outside the circle. When looking at CCH’s works, viewers must sensitively follow the narratives or pictorial movements to learn symbolic meanings within or behind images. This viewing experience is private, quiet, individual, and enclosed so that every viewer develops a unique interpretation of CCH’s works. In contrast, when looking at TTF’s works, viewers have to walk around the artwork and imagine a sensory experience in which a combination of recognizable/representational images and relocated street-vendor’s items helps viewers recall memories or interpret feelings. This viewing experience is interactive as viewers contribute their opinions to broaden the meanings of TTF’s works.

The two artists’ approaches, spirituality and social interaction are recognized by art critics as enriching Taiwanese contemporary art. However, their success in art is not lucrative. Are they accomplices or victims?



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