Mutaz Inad Ghazwan Ismail

Born in Baghdad in 14 January 1972.

PhD in Graphic Design .

Assistant Professor (2013) in the Dept. of Design, College Of fine Arts- University Of Baghdad.


Member of the Iraqi Journalists syndicate.

Member of Union of Iraqi Artists.

Member of the Union of Iraqi writers.

Member of the Plastic Artists society.

Member of Contemporary Visual Arts Society .

Member of the society of Iraqi Designers.

Member of the Iraqi Cultural Support Association.

Member of the Council for Culture- Amman- Jordan.

Member of the Council of the University of IbnRushd- Holland.

2- Art Works:

1- Implement many of the  Performing plays, the National theater, Baghdad. And the Babylon international festival, Ministry of Culture,  1991- 1993.

2- Implement many of the Art murals with material of (Mosaics), in the Government places, and the Mosque of Um Al- Qura, in Baghdad, 1996-2001.

3- Implement the Decorations of the University Of Baghdad for Students graduate, Al- kashafa playground,

1991- 2000.

4-  Exhibition of Dept. of Design, college of Fine Arts, University of Baghdad, 1992, 1993.

5- Exhibition of Journalism Designs. college of Fine Arts, University of Baghdad, 1993, with care of Dr.sudad Al- qadiri.

6- Exhibitions of political posters, Baghdad center, Ministry of Culture, 1996, 1998, 1999, 2000.

7- Exhibitions of the Baghdad International Fair, the Ministry of Industrials locale, 1998- 2002.

8- Quality exhibitions, Ministry of Industrials, 1999- 2001.

9- The second exhibition of the Contemporary Visual Arts Society, Al-Ribat Hall, Baghdad, July, 2003.

10- First exhibition of the society of Iraqi Designers, College of Fine Arts, University of Baghdad, December, 2003.

11- The exhibition of Posters, Contemporary Visual Arts Society, Al-Ribat Hall, Baghdad, September, 2003.

12- The foundation exhibition of General Council of Arts and Culture, , Al-Ribat Hall, Baghdad, June, 2004.

13- Exhibition of the Commission of Integrity for posters, with the society of Iraqi Designers, 2008.

14- Exhibition of the Intellectual Property posters, Ministry of Culture, May, 2010.

15- First Exhibition of the Arab Plastic Art, Amman, Jordan, the Royal Hotel, Ishtar Hall, 19- 24, November, 2013.

16- Second Exhibition of the Arab Plastic Art, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, November, 2015.

17- First Exhibition of the Current Art of Muscat, Omani Visual Arts, Muscat, Sultanate of Oman, 28- 31, March, 2016.

18- International virtual poster exhibition, Mexico, 30 June, 2020.

19- Journey to Dream exhibition, Altinbas University, Turkey, 20- 30May, 2020.

20-The third exhibition of contemporary international Ink design, 24 June 2020, Beijing- China.

21- Paris France international action art fair – Paris art 5, august, 2020

3- Author of books

1- Historical symbol in Contemporary printing Designs, Ministry of Culture, Baghdad, 2006.

2- Time and Space in the contemporary Design, Dar Dijla,

Amman, Jordan, (2 editions, 2007, 2009).

3- Marafi.. studies in the plastic Arts and Design, Dar Majdalawy, Amman, Jordan, 2007.

4- Civilization and Design, Dar Dijla, Amman, Jordan,2010.

5- Technical foundations in contemporary Carpet Design, Ministry of Culture, Baghdad, 2009.

6- Time and Space in the contemporary poster structure, Dar Aladdin, Damascus, Syria, 2009.

7- InadGhazwan souvenir, Dar Dijla, Amman, Jordan,2011.

8- Mohammad Makia, Dar Qabs, Beirut, Lebanon, 2010.

9- Design and society, Dar Akkad and Rawafed, Cairo, Egypt, 2012.

10- Design and Decoration, Dar Al-yzuri, Amman, Jordan,2013.

11-Studise in Graphic Design, Iraqi Media Network, Baghdad, 2015.

12- Intellectual connotations and symbolism of Islamic art in the contemporary design, Dar Al-Rusam, Baghdad, 2016.

13- Stations Between medicine and art (Dr.Nori Mustafa Bahjet), Ministry of Culture, Baghdad, 2016.

14- Researches in Design and Arts published in the many of Magazines Inside and outside Iraq.

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