Ahmed Jumaa Zboon Ali

General Information
Name : Ahmed Jumaa Zboon Ali
Date of birth: Iraq 1975
Scientific rank: Assistant Professor Doctor (08/31/2016)
General Specialization: PhD in Fine Arts
The address of the workplace: College of Fine Arts University of Baghdad
Languages: Arabic\ English
Mobile: 009647729555900 – 009647804443366
mail : dr.ah.ju@cofarts.uobaghdad.edu.iq
Research published: (20 )
Website pages :
Google Scholar: https://scholar.google.com/citations?user=AhmedJumaaAl-bahadli
Researchgate: https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Ahmed_Jumaa_Al-Bahadli
Educational qualifications
1- BSC: University of Baghdad, College of Fine Arts, (2001-2002 )
2- Masters: University of Baghdad, College of Fine Arts,( 2006 )
3- PhD: University of Baghdad, College of Fine Arts, (2012 )
Job sequence
1- Teacher, College of Fine Arts, 2006 – 2016
2- Assistant Professor, College of Fine Arts, 2016 – Till Now
Membership of local and international organization, associations or institutions
– Member of the Iraqi Artists Syndicate.
– Member of the Association of Iraqi Plastic Artists.
– Member of the Iraqi Calligraphers Association.
– Member of the « Iraqi Artists » gathering.
– Founder of the « Iraq Sculptor Community. »
– Founding member of « Essen – Iraqi Center for Art Studies and Research »
– Founder of the « (Arab Aesthetics) International Foundation » grouping.
– Member of the Iraqi Center for Media Development.
– Member of the Federation of Iraqi Strategic Experts.
– Founder of the Federation of Arab Sculptors.
– Founder of the Arab Aesthetic Critics Union.

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